About Us

Hello, we are Brisa

Our Mission

Enhance your everyday experiences using our beautiful fragrances.
From birth, scents shape our lives, guiding our emotions and memories, changing our moods andbrain processes. Close your eyes, and imagine an ocean, or opening your window on a rainy day,
grandma’s apples with vanilla, or a forest. Each one triggered a ‘perfume memory’ in your head,right?
Using this incredible power, we want to bring a special vibe into your home, car or office,making it a place of peace and good energy.

Enjoy the breeze


Premium Quality

Every perfume is checked and supervised from production to packaging, so you can savor a long lasting scent, which is intense and mesmerizing.

Wide selection

Diversity is important to us, because people are complex and everyone has a unique mix of tastes. Brisa has something for everyone.

Great prices

Find out what value for money really is – top quality at prices that are more than fair. See for yourself, by placing an order today.
About Us

The perfect combination
of delicate and strong.

This is not just a perfume, but a
sensation, an experience. It has an aura,
it contains a feeling. Elegant, authentic,

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